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by thelifestylelady

Since today seems to be the day to discuss gift giving, I thought I would continue the theme with some interesting findings that have been occurring in the L household.  My dear husband Mr L is a good gift giver. It has taken a few years to get him to gold status, but I can safety tell you that he is comfortably keeping his new-found stature.  People reading this who are not fortunate enough to have met me (lol) will not realize that I am not one to give false praise. In fact I seldom give praise on any level. So if Mr L is reading this he may discover his new-found success and it will never be spoken of again! He is almost getting so good at gift giving that I am getting frustrated. Firstly I must preface this with Mr L is usually only responsible for my gifts. He will help when I am totally stumped on someone but he only has to focus effort and energy in one direction whereas I have many more to consider.

I always think that men are at an advantage when buying for a lady; there is always that great fallback option of jewelry or fragrance. They can also never really go wrong at any department store when buying bath and body collection or makeup, and I see now that some of the big malls or shopping centers are selling gift cards which can be used at any store in its location, I know my local one does. Women buying for men is more difficult I find. When I found myself faced with our latest wedding anniversary (which was almost exactly one week after Father’s Day) I was “up a creek without a paddle.” I literally had no idea. So for the first time ever I thought I would ask or delay a gift purchase until I could come up with something profound and wanted (which became cowboy boots.) Well Mr L surpassed himself with lovely gifts which were even in-keeping with the anniversary theme of wood – I ask you… I am married to a man who works a great deal and shopping is a pastime which he hates, so he is not the type of chap who would frequent the local mall. He is however the type of gent who loves the internet and surfing the web. To be honest it used to annoy me that he would get gifts ordered online and delivered. I used to think it displayed a lack of effort and how could you buy items without touching and feeling them? Now i have joined the 21st Century I realize how bloody sensible it is. It also saves time, by making great suggestions, which I am all in favour of. So I apologize for those thoughts. When I arrived home this afternoon and saw this small catalogue ear marked I thought I would have a quick gander. Mr L was a little perturbed as he explained that this is where my next years of gifts where coming from, so after a quick flit through I promised I would not look again. The catalogue is entitled Uncommongoods. I may again be slow to the table, but I was impressed with the offering with lots of different ideas for kids, men, weddings etc and it would definitely be worth a perusal. Another site I have always loved which is originally British and now arrived on US shores is Notonthehighstreet. You can always find something fun, pretty or different at any price point. So happy gift hunting. Thanks for the inspiration Mr L.

Happy shopping, any other great sites so I can surprise Mr L with some wonderful things?

Full of great gift giving ideas

Full of great gift giving ideas

Ta ta for now


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