Meal Time Inspiration

by thelifestylelady

Do you ever get to the evening and this oh C*** its dinnertime and I have no inspiration and even less energy to whip a Martha Stewart creation into fruition. Well that’s me, especially at this time of year, and by that I mean when its hot hot hot! Growing up in the UK where Cicadas frequent the shores more often that we have hot days (you have all seen Wimbledon where it rains for the fortnight.) creating a range of summer meals is less essential. Its not that I am totally incompetent I made it a NY resolution to meal plan, which I did unapologetically with a weekly shopping list and I laminated it! (I love to get that machine out its a little like a clip board it makes me feel important and efficient!) The summer however has me failing. Salad, how many can you have? Before you barrage me with abuse on the beauty of the salad and how it can comprise of far more that lettuce, cucumber and tomato, I do have Mr L (Mr Lifestyle, my beloved) and Little L (my toddler) to keep happy. So what do you make? Mr L assures me that my winter repertoire is quite sufficient for the summer months as we have AC which makes our home the same temp in January as July, but then again he has not been chasing a toddler around and running errands in 100+ degrees. When you come in from that you don’t really feel like eating a winter meal, let alone cooking in front of a hot stove. I love BBC Good Food website because all the recipes are rated and also Pintrest because I love it, although some of the meals I have tried from their have been a flop. So what do you like to cook? What meals make you go mmm? After all there is nothing lovelier than hearing Little L going nom nom nom. So come on help a gal out here share some ideas.



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