How much water?!

Now I preface this with I am constantly on a lifestyle change. I’m always trying to be healthier. I feel that we are constantly barraged in life with images of what it is to be “healthy.” Whether its TV/radio ads or talk-shows telling us all about the latest fads. I am not a faddy person, I’m quite straight forward and matter of fact, I have always believed “everything in moderation.” That does not mean I’m always great at getting the balance right, as displayed by my waist line that I always want to be a little smaller, but baby steps… Since living in Texas and its very hot climate, I have tried hard to work towards drinking more water. Hearing so many experts telling us what is the correct amount to drink, it has always baffled me that a lady of 5 ft 4 inches would be told her water intake was to be the same as a 5 ft 11 inches lady (but as my darling Mr L would remind me, science is not my strength.)

Now, shock horror, I am a British gal who does not drink tea. I am quite sure that my passport will be rescinded should the authorities hear of this on unpatriotic grounds. After all we Brits are known for drinking tea; a cup of tea is a cure for all ailments in life if you grow up there (perhaps that is where I have gone wrong!) Even worse, I did not drink coffee until I hit 30, yes and now I like my coffee black and strong and any form of espresso is my go-to (I do not do things by halves – what’s the point?) Recently I have found myself drinking a little more diet soda than I was wanting, and I am well aware that all the hidden sugars are appalling for you; and since Little L was born  I was thinking to myself MUST DO BETTER! I have not eradicated them entirely. I have not gone cold turkey, which might have been my usual approach, but I have vastly cut down and therefore my water intake has increased. I like water but it can get a little dull, so I needed something where I could measure and ensure I was getting enough. Welcome Camelbak – this flask is the bomb! It was an impromptu Target purchase (my Target obsession will be a later blog.) I love it – it is 1000ml, which is great, and I set myself goals to ensure I drink and I am finding that I do. I give myself a little treat when I hit my targets – Yay! Now I’m not going to say I have lost 50 pounds and my skin is that of a 12-year-old, but I am seeing slight improvements. My skin does feel better, I do have more energy, I feel less sluggish and I crave sugar slightly less. I am also finding I want less diet soda and when I drink it, it has lost its appeal and tastes too sweet. I have always loved fizzy water and that is my go-to evening drink on non alcohol nights. I have recently tested the La Croix range and although I can’t say “I’m Crazy In Love” I know they are better for me and if it means I am one step closer to “healthy” (and the Beyoncé body) I’m in.

Any tips for increasing your water intake? Any drinks you love?

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