Birchbox Beauty Bandwagon- Review

by thelifestylelady

So Little L the sweet angel that she is, (I am saying this because as I write she is tucked up visiting the land of nod.) bought me a subscription to Birchbox for Mothers Day. I am somewhat behind “The Bell Curve” (surprise) when it comes to these monthly subscriptions, but some of the blogs I read where all raving about Birchbox and since I love everything to do with makeup and beauty it was “right up my alley.” I loved the fact that you get new samples to try; after all we can get in a beauty rut can’t we? I was hoping that it would be a win win for us, Mr L would be thrilled because it may (potentially) lower my Ulta and Sephora bills and would inspire and introduce me to new items. Yesterday I received my third box, and I will admit I was looking forward to its arrival, I resisted the temptation to read emails with sneak previews into the box just to add that rush of excitement to my life (a gal has to get her kicks somehow-right?)

So the box arrived entitled Go Bold. I was sold on that – one of my mini mottos is Go Bold or Go home, and I’m telling you it’s a pretty box, inside is what I am interested in and honestly so far with Birchbox I have been underwhelmed. That being said it might be more about my profile, which you populate when you join Birchbox. I need to check mine out, because I feel I get sent lots of hair products. Inside the box was a few new and fun items, many of which I am yet to try but hope to update you on later in the month. Today I tried the Supergood- Daily Correct CC Cream with SPF 35. Now I love lightweight coverage for my face, especially that contains a good SPF, which is essential in the Texan heat. I mainly need coverage to even out skin tone; I am always trying new products but am often drawn to Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer that only has an SPF of 20. I am a CC and BB virgin but have to say I may be converted, this Supergood is light on the skin but gave me the coverage I needed, wasn’t oily or greasy had no odor and has lasted all day. Its price point is great too so this might be an order. I have heard that there sun protection products are fantastic so may need to give them a try.

The other item I am rather besotted with is the Stila look at me liquid lipstick, in the shade Bella. Birchbox hit bingo with this; I love Stila products and bright and bold lipstick, especially in summer with a slight tan going on. No its more a case that my handbag is stuffed with rubbish and items for Little L that a lipstick is all that there is room for. Now all this being said the colour is awesome, however I am a gal who likes her lipstick to feel nourishing and balm like on her lips and this falls much more in the stain category. It reminds me a little of the Sephora Lip Stains but the Stilla is much more drying, so I would totally recommend wearing a really good lip balm underneath like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment The thing that worked in the Stila favour was that it literally lasted all day, meals, drinks, swimming the lot. In fact much to Little L disgust she had several big kiss stains on her face, that required some elbow grease to remove. It is the colour that won me over on this product, but not sure that I will be ordering the bigger size, mainly because its a summer shade and Mr L probably wont be seen in public with me wearing it.

Regarding the few other items, I’m looking forward to trying the Juice Beauty Peel- Sensitive my sister in law loves Juice Beauty products and I am yet to try their line so waiting to give this a go. The Rusk Hair Care styling cream, I am fairly new to extensive hair products but am finding with increasing age and a humid climate I am looking for products which can help keep me a little more presented rather than a frizzy mess. I absolutely love my Rusk Speed Freek hair dryer, which my friend recently commented on, so if this is the standard of their offering I am looking forward to trying. Finally I have the Macadamia Professional Leave in Conditioner I am obsessed with hair masques and trying to keep my hair hydrated, not sure how a leave in will work but again heard great things about the brand so looking forward to giving it a go!

Goodness I have got carried away- told you I love beauty!

Hope this might inspire you try something new! What products do you love? Have you tried any of the above?

ta ta for now


Beautiful box

Beautiful box

Beauty items inside box

Beauty items inside box

Beautiful summer colour

Beautiful summer colour

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