Daddy’s Day Delights – Gift Guide

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Hump Day. This week I was chatting with a group of friends who were discussing their husbands impending birthdays. I heard a lot of “what should I get?” I was relieved that this problem is shared amongst women I know and perhaps many more?? I consider myself a thoughtful gift giver. I do try and give consideration to what I purchase but I always find men difficult. I particularly find gifts for men of Mr L’s demographic difficult, by which I mean men who work so hard, that they have little time to exercise let alone have a hobby. The little free time they do have they dedicate to spending time with their family and loved ones. I do get stumped when in comes to Mr L, I don’t want to buy him another tie or shirt, and although he loves such gifts they don’t surprise of excite him the way he deserves. I hit a home run for his birthday with the 23andMe the genetic testing which he loved but now we have Father’s Day approaching and whilst Mr L will love the homemade card, we do like to spoil him sometimes and I want to help Little L pick out something great. Here are a few of the ideas I have thought of and wanted to share in hope to inspire some of you:-
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Sephora Haul

Howdy Y’all, Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Life has been a little full on around here recently and once again I have struggled with the life/blog balance, but I know that you understand. I am working hard on making time and have been meaning to edit this video for a while. I am… More Sephora Haul

What’s For Dinner LL? April 11-15 2016

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I wanted to introduce a new post idea, perhaps you could give me some feedback if you like it. I love to cook. I have to cook. I have a family to feed, to stop this becoming a monotonous chore I like to have variety and I like to be organized. I am not the sort of person who can stand in a grocery store and be inspired, I often find that I would forget an item. I am a planner and a list maker and I do meal plan. This works for my family and I wanted to share with you some of the recipes we love or not. So I introduce What’s For Dinner Lifestyle Lady? This will be pictures and links to recipes we ate the previous weeks, some will be family favorite recipes and others new recipes where I will be giving feedback.
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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One thing I learnt when I moved to the US was that is celebrated Mothering Sunday on another day from the UK which made purchasing gifts and cards difficult. I have overcome this small obstacle and now I have my own American daughter I think I should be entitled to two Mother’s Day who is with me? In all seriousness Mother’s Day is a fabulous tradition where we can celebrate all women who mean something to us. I have mentioned previously that my family are on the move and we will be spending this Mothering Sunday in our new location trying to find a home. Which no doubt will remind me of the importance of being a mother and trying to make this transition as seamless as possible. This post gives some gift suggestions, especially if the man in your life has some influence over gift purchasing. I of course love the homemade card and gift but will leave all of those ideas to people far more craftly gifted than I. So may I be as bold to suggest, sending a link to this article or leaving this page open and placing it subtly on top of the TV remote so you get something special this May. Lets crack on…
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TLL Guide To The Sephora Sale

I am like a bus, one doesn’t come for ages then two arrive at the same time. Today this represents my blog posts. This is the last day of the Sephora sale, for those who regularly frequent Sephora you will know that sales and coupons do not arrive often enough, so when they do, JUMP! I have the VIB status which means I have had extended access to the sale and was hoping that my order would have arrived so that I could share my thoughts with you. I thought it might be useful to show you what I decided to purchase. (Don’t look Mr L!)… More TLL Guide To The Sephora Sale

TLL Essential Cleansers

Howdy Y’all,

I am writing this from a rainy Texas after having two weeks of wonderful weather. With the prospect of a very hot summer rapidly approaching the idea of getting outside and enjoying Spring is a must so blogging might be a little on the back burner. One of the questions I get asked quite a lot from friends is about my skincare. I had been thinking about what is the best way to produce this post without it turning into an essay, it seems to make sense to break it down into each element and maybe vlog the whole process later. So today I thought I would start with cleansing. I am very fortunate that the skin (on my face) has never given me many problems, it is on the dry side but I suffer with few breakouts (except last week I had two!) and have never had acne. If I have areas of concern they tend to be dryness and redness (English skin.) I do think genetics and a healthy approach of lots of water and plenty of sleep contribute hugely to your skins welfare. You can seize control to ensure you give your skin a great foundation with an effective skincare routine and this for me this starts with cleansing. Finding great cleansers that work for you, can totally transform your skincare routine. I do like to try different cleansers from time to time but I have two which I absolutely love and would literally cause me to have a complete meltdown if I didn’t have several in backup.
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Happy Easter – Making Memories

wanted to pass onto Little L. We love to bake, Little L and I. Tbh many of the recipes we have tried to date have relied on me being a hawk eye, mainly because they contain eggs and Little L has a wonderful habit of trying the recipe at every stage. (Although I grew up licking the bowl of raw cake batter which contained eggs and have lived to tell the tale- just!) This recipe contains none of those challenges and is so easy I followed no recipe just created by eye… More Happy Easter – Making Memories

Baking Wednesday – Caramel Slice

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Hump Day! So yesterday was rainy and I was trapped inside with Little L (argh!!) One thing she loves and often asks to do is bake. I read recently in a blog about an app I have been meaning to try called Hippy Lane. The app is recipe-based but only contains health-conscious recipes. They promote that the sweet treat recipes are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and contain no refined sugar. Trying to find recipes that have these bases covered but still taste delicious is a challenge. This app is very sophisticated and styish and the photographs are beautiful. I had a very quick gander through my pantry to see what ingredients I had and Little L and I selected the recipe for Caramel Slices. Where I am from it is referred to as millionaire’s shortbread and it is delicious and I thought this would be a great introduction to its yumminess for Little L. So here is how it went:-
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Monday Links and Loves

Hope you are all doing well and that your weekend was super. TBH last week was not great in the L household, nothing went as it was meant and on Wednesday I declared to a friend that I was hibernating till today. Unfortunately that is not possible with a toddler, but I dug deep and continued. Little L has been teething with her molars which is horrid for her, painful and very tiring. I do feel that I can face anything if I can get a good nights kip. Today is a new week.

Last week I did finally push my posterior into implementing one of my NYR. This was using outstanding gift cards and being more efficient with coupons. Please don’t tell me that I’m alone when I stand in line to buy something which I have a coupon for, only to learn that I changed purses and did not transfer the coupon. With a screaming toddler and standing in line for an eternity you make the decision you need the item regardless of the coupon and you could not be bothered to do this again. This is why I need a better system.
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