FabFitFun Welcome Box Review

How are you? Yes it is Thursday and TLL is a day late to the party. This week has been go go go. In an effort to make more time for myself I used some birthday money kindly donated chez Mummy and Daddy L to subscribe to FabFitFun. I have always been interested and impressed by others reviews and they seem to get some pretty decent items. It is a seasonal gift box which you purchase annually or individually and it includes a range of items lifestyle related. The individual boxes cost $49.99 but contain bounty of $200+. The box I am reviewing today is not one of their seasonal boxes but a welcome one. So far I am impressed, see what you think and take a look. … More FabFitFun Welcome Box Review

Sephora Play Review! October 2016

I was reading through a friends InStyle magazine and I came across Sephora Play! I had no idea that Sephora had branched out into its own monthly subscription service and I did not have to think twice. Honestly I joined the waitlist, (I am not sure if it is genuinely that or a PR tactic, either way it works.) So you can imagine my delight when I returned on Saturday and found this black and white box on my doorstep. Well here is my first review. Enjoy. … More Sephora Play Review! October 2016