I didn’t want to start this post with pleasantries, mainly because I don’t feel like it. I hadn’t planned to write but I felt I needed to. I am of course referring to Manchester, bizarrely being a Brit in the US meant due to the time difference I was aware of the attack before many of my friends and family, they were tucked up in bed blissfully unaware of the brutality occurring. During my lifetime there have been too many attacks in the name of terror, but something about this particular one has resonated with me. I think being a mother of a young daughter I could relate. Yes Little L is only 3 but I could see her and her friends wanting to see a music concert. It is a right of passage for a young girl to go to their first music concert, often to see a band or performer whom you slightly obsess over, for me it was Take That. I remember going with friends to see them, in fact I was probably aged 12 or 13 so very similar to many of the audience in Manchester. I think the motivation of attacking an event where the vast majority of the audience are young girls horrifies me. I am not sure why I feel shocked after all these young female concert goers represent everything so abhorrent to the terrorists. I have been through all the emotions, numbness, tears and anger. I cried this evening after a young lady Olivia Campbell (15) was pronounced dead, her parents had been looking for her all day. I heard her heartbroken mother on CNN on the night of the event when they could not find her. Now the unimaginable horror has been confirmed, how are they and others who have lost their children supposed to continue? It is not the natural order.

I had noticed today that my feelings were focusing on anger, who wouldn’t be angry? Life being taken to young and unnecessarily. I’m angry that these events make me question my parental style and shape what I might let my daughter do or behave in the future. As a mother I am one to push independence, I think I have mentioned before that I feel it is my role to give Little L the wings to fly. I want her to go to music concerts, travel and experience life in the ways that our society allows. I have to remember that anger breeds anger, hate breeds hate etc. If I remain angry I allow these monsters to win. It made me feel sick on Monday because I had just explained to Little L that monsters don’t exist, I lied, they do and they hide in plain sight. I don’t want to feel angry that is not justice for all those people who died or have been injured. I pray that the media do not continue to name the bomber or show his face, after all that promotes the infamous martyrdom that they so desire. I have to remember that as much as I want to hunker down, not go out and wrap Little L up in cotton wool that is not the answer. We must stand united, we must allow our girls the freedom to be who or whatever they want, after all that will bother them far more. They are not worthy of my emotion.

Instead I will spend my next days thinking of those affected, I can not imagine what those parents and loved ones are going through. There are no words. As a tribute to their angels I need to continue to raise Little L the way I want. I need to spend more time listening and being kind to others. I need to be a better and more present member of society, I should worry less about minutia and care more about what is going on around me. I should appreciate the small things, so today take a moment look around you at what is beautiful about the world. Take time to appreciate the moment and your loved ones because if this event has taught us anything it has shown us how precious and fragile life is.

To those affected I am so so sorry that mankind is so cruel.

Kate x

Monday Musings

Howdy Y’all,

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Our weekend was relaxed although we are starting to get anxious as our moving date approaches. There is still much to do at our new place! It is in that state where everything looks started and nothing finished, I am not sure if that makes sense but it makes me feel a little uneasy. I finally got to see the color I have chosen for much of my living areas and I was relieved that it looked good. I will be honest and say that Little L’s pink bedroom might be a tad to pink for my liking and am inclined to get it toned down and then I think Champagne Problems – get a grip! She is only little for such a short time and she adores pink! I am really looking forward to writing or filming (do you have a preference?) all about our new place. I think it will look smashing when it is complete.

If you are a hardened TLL reader/subscriber you may notice a few changes around here. I was a little sick of my previous layout and although I am not sure that I love this either, you know what they say a change is better than a rest and since a rest seems unlikely in the next weeks I settled on the former. I do think it has a more contemporary feel, but as always would appreciate your feedback.

Gertie is settling in well and seems to have doubled in size! I will be honest a puppy and a three year old is a little challenging. Little L and Gertie adore each other, I am staggered at how well Gertie behaves with Little L (she can be a little rough at times) although Gertie seems to get her own back. Toddlers do not seem to have the knowledge to let sleeping dogs lie and likes to aggravate. We are facing a few potty training challenges, after surviving toddler training you would think this would be a walk in the park but little Gertie has taken a penchant to silk rugs for her number twos. Enough said. Mr L and I joked that our lives seems to radiate around piss and poop. Generally though she is a dream and the bond between our little family is strong she is a much loved and welcomed addition. I will be doing a video soon on all Gertie has taught me about being a doggie mama.

I often speak of homesickness, the longer you are away from home the easier it becomes or it is easier to manage I am not sure which.  Britain will always be home it is in my blood and soul, I pride myself on being very British even when I look like a burnt lobster living in Texas. I love living in America and please hear me I love this country to, I am so fortunate to be making this place home. This weekend I felt homesick when I saw pictures of The Middleton Wedding, there is something so special about an English country wedding, it really resonated, bringing back memories of our special day 7 years ago. Didn’t they all look breathtaking. Whether you are pro or anti monarchy it was a beautiful affair. Pippa looked as a bride should, simply beautiful. The dress, veil, makeup was understated elegance and no contouring in sight (praise the Lord.) I will add that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and her beautiful children looked classy and regal. Mr L and I had a very similar day (slightly downscaled!) but we married in the village church followed by a marquee reception in my family garden. I loved how beautiful the event was in a time where the news is well dark and sad. My brother is getting married next year and this has made me quite excited. I wish the new Mr & Mrs James Matthews every happiness for their future lives together.

This week I’m not sure how much posting I will get done, I am flying around preparing for the move, but I wish you all a happy week.

Ta ta for now,


Essential Makeup Brushes

Howdy Y’all,

Today I share with you a video request from one of my dear friends. I love getting requests and this was such a great idea.  Makeup brushes/tools can be daunting, there are SO many, which do I need?  One thing I will tell you is that the right tools used in the correct way can totally transform how makeup applies, stays and looks. I have never owned a vast number of makeup brushes, mainly because I have researched and invested in what I have needed. I take care of them and with proper love they do last, some of my brushes are nearly twenty years old. Are there brushes I need to try that you adore? Do you have any requests on things you would like me to post about? If so please get in touch I really love to hear from y’all.

Ta Ta for now,